Trending Can You Spot The Panda?

Can You Spot The Panda?

After the picture of white/golden/blue dress that broke the internet earlier this year after it went viral , here’s the new internet sensation that has left internet users scratching their heads.Check out this picture and spot the panda-

source : facebook
source : facebook

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Trust me it’s right before your eyes ! lol

Illustrator Dudolf  shared this picture on December 16 asking viewers to find the Panda and that’s how the internet found it’s new puzzle.Some people found the panda in under a minute whereas some were scratching their heads for good 25 minutes and still couldn’t find the cute little panda.

source : facebook/dudolf
source : facebook/dudolf

The pictured garnered 67000 likes , 21000 comments and 1.3 lakh shares within a week of its posting!

Wow These snowmen are already spreading Christmas joy aren’t they?


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