According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS), paediatricians are already increasingly being asked by parents to euthanize disabled or dying children and infants.

Canada Legalized Euthanasia, Now Parents Can Kill Disabled Children

“killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering.”

American anti-euthanasia activist Wesley Smith wrote in the National Review, “Once euthanasia consciousness is unleashed, it never stops expanding. I guess Robert Latimer–a Canadian farmer who murdered his daughter because she had cerebral palsy–was a visionary.”

Children Themselves Demanding Euthanasia

The CPS survey noted, “such consultations may be rare, minors in Canada are contemplating MAID-related concepts and approaching healthcare providers with MAID-related questions. Given the evolving legislative landscape, it is reasonable to anticipate that such questions will increase in the near future.”

Canada Legalized Euthanasia, Now Parents Can Kill Disabled Children

The executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition added: “All this is very problematic. Why do you want to allow them to suffer? So the idea is, well, this isn’t fair, the law has an inequality because you’re allowing adults who are capable of requesting this, but not children or mature minors.”

“If you had a child with a significant disability, then the question at birth would be, do you want that child to receive treatment or not, and you would have the right to say yes or no.”

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