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News Canada: The Rise Of Islamophobia And A Warning To The Immigrants

Canada: The Rise Of Islamophobia And A Warning To The Immigrants

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Like all other western countries, Islamophobia is not only alive and widespread in Canada, but it has long been a defining feature of some of its major political parties. The most recent evidence of this invincible fact has been on unpleasant display of the massacre of six Muslim Canadians at prayer in a Quebec City mosque earlier this month.

quebec mosque attack

Islamophobia in Canada has affected the lives of Canadian Muslims in Canada. It has manifested itself in terms of vandalism of Muslim property, physical assault and killing of Muslims. In 2007, the Quebec town of Herouxville adopted an “immigrant code of conduct”, even though the town had no immigrants.

The code warned the town’s non-existent immigrant population against stoning women and told them about the importance of Christmas trees. The code was widely considered Islamophobic and xenophobic and caught the attention of media around the world.

refugees settlement in canada

On November 14, 2015, a day after the Pris attacks, the only mosque in Peterborough was set on fire. In 2011, a Muslim woman wearing the niqab was attacked at a Mississauga mall, the attacker screamed at her and pulled off her veil.

In 2015, a pregnant woman wearing the hijab was attacked by teenagers in Montreal. In 2013, an Angus Reid poll revealed 54% of all Canadians, and 69% of Quebecois, held an unfavorable opinion of Muslims, an increase from 46% in 2009.


In the age of Donald Trump, the next time you are willing to praise or even consider moving to Canada, it might be best to remember these indecencies.

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