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Canadian Man Burns 7 Crore After Divorce With His Wife, The Reason Will Shock You!

Shubham Banyal



Canadian Man Burns 7.13 Crores Money

man burns 1 million dollars money
Bruce McConville

A 55-year-old Canadian businessman burnt his 7.13 (1 million dollars) crore rupees. Only because he did not want to give this amount to his wife and children after the divorce. Bruce McConville confessed to the judge in court recently that he had withdrawn the money 25 times. He withdrew it from six different bank accounts and burned them in September and December last year. Bruce claimed that he had receipts for the amount withdrawn from the bank. But no evidence as to where he burned the money. As there was no recording of it. According to Ottawa’s law, Bruce was sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt of the court, as Bruce confessed his crime.

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Court Blames Man To Be Irresponsible About His Children

Bruce admitted that he was extremely irritated with the process of divorce and did not want to pay the wife, just to get irritated, he burnt the money. However, he knew that by doing this he was ignoring the safety of his children. He said, I burned that amount. I don’t usually do such things in my life. I have always been economical in terms of money. This is why my business has been successful for 31 years.

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