Chilaxx Canadians Love To Have Sex In Their Car

Canadians Love To Have Sex In Their Car

According to a survey, Canadians love to have sex in their car. Yes, you read it right as a study which was commissioned by found that 75% of Canadians admit that they have indulged in sex car at some point in their dating careers.

Canadians Love To Have Sex In Their Car

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Psychologist and relationship expert Nicole McCance said: “Despite technology dramatically transforming dating culture, something about getting hot and heavy in a car transcends generations and has stood the test of time.”

“It seems the majority of Canadians are open to moving beyond the bedroom but want to make sure their partners are on the same page. Not only does an intimate encounter in a car offer an element of excitement and danger, it may also be considered convenient in some cases.”

Canadians Love To Have Sex In Their Car

“The majority of Canadians described this amorous activity as ‘fun and exciting,’ or ‘naughty and risqué’ – it’s a new, playful side of Canadians that we haven’t seen so overtly before.”

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