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High Life Captivating Collars: A Style Catalogue for Men

Captivating Collars: A Style Catalogue for Men

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Collars are a prominent feature of men’s fashion. Diving into the technicalities, a collar serves the purpose of accentuating the face and jaw frame. This means that you have the power to radically alter the perception of your face by juggling between different collar styles.

Nowadays, you can easily find exclusive collar styles to add to your wardrobe by taking your search online. Exclusive fashion portals such as PostFold, offer a great catalogue of high-quality dapper clothing for both men and women. The collar styles showcased below feature from their New Road: Japan collection which brings high collars and ditsy geometric patterns of the Japanese national flower, Sakura, to men’s clothing.

From the extremely popular Mandarin collar to the classic point collar, here are five crisp collar styles for men which can directly go into their very own AM PM designer collection:

Navy Mandarin Collar Shirt

Derived from the uniform of Mandarin bureaucrats in ancient China, the mandarin collar is also called a standing collar. As the name suggests, it is a short unfolded collar that stands up on a shirt or a jacket. This stunning navy blue mandarin collar shirt makes for an elegant semi-casual look. Boasting a beautiful fabric detail on the inside collar and piping detail on inner placket, this shirt can be paired with chinos and loafers for a cool and composed look.

Maroon Tuxedo Collar Polo

If you want to stand out from the crowd with nothing but your tee, then this polo t-shirt with an eye-catching tuxedo collar will work incredibly well. It is easy to see why it is called a tuxedo collar given its edgy design resembling the long serrated collar of a dinner jacket or tuxedo. Put on your sneakers and pair this polo t-shirt with regular jeans for an effortlessly cool attire!

Blue Shawl Collar T-shirt

If you are wondering what a shawl collar is, then, for starters, you must know that it is a hot collar trend right now. A shawl collar combines the lapel and the regular collar into one. Its intellectual and sharp look owes its emergence to military uniforms from where it found its way to dinner jackets, and eventually, everyday style. This exclusive shawl collar t-shirt works best when buttoned all the way up, and paired with white linen trousers and casual shoes.

Blue Placket Shirt with Contrast Collar

What better way to create a glaring contrast with your shirt than to have a different coloured collar and a crisp shirt placket (a narrow strip of layered fabric which has buttonholes) that stands out? This slim fit shirt creates an instant impression with its dark blue collar against the light blue backdrop of the body of the shirt.

Galaxy Blue Shirt with Point Collar

Finally, the regular point collar which is found on 90% of shirts around the world. The ditsy print on the blue background casts an electric look to the beholder. When paired with black denim, it has all the makings of the perfect party ensemble!

These styles, however, are not limited to just men. Women who have a rather different sense of style and like to stand out can sport these collars as well. You can always find stunning kimono dress online or floral shirt online.

To prevent your wardrobe from turning mundane, it is critical that you have as many styles and shapes of collars on your tees and shirts as possible. Whether you are sporting a formal shirt or out for a brunch in your polo tee, you can find these great collars at PostFold.com for 9 to 5 fashion and beyond.

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