A Classic Timeline Of India’s First Love Hindustan Ambassador

Call it an Ambassador, the King of Indian Roads, or Amby as it’s affectionately known across India, the iconic sight of this workhorse automobile is still as common in daily life as when first introduced in 1948.


Originally a staple among the Indian Government, today you’ll see the updated design more often carrying everyday passengers for hire or Army officials.

Hindustan Motors had suspended production from May 25, 2014 at its Uttarpara factory in West Bengal due to weak demand and lack of funds.

Hindustan Motors, which began manufacturing the car in 1958, neither changed its design nor enhanced its technology much over the years. This resulted in falling sales — from 24,000 cars a year in the 1980s to less than 6,000 in the 2000s.

The car that once symbolised the state, and was ridden by Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chief Ministers, collectors and police chiefs, now finds use chiefly as a rattletrap taxicab.

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