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A fan’s peculiar request was granted by panelist Wasim Akram, a former Pakistani cricket player, and presenter Fakhar-e-Alam during a panel discussion on Pakistani channel A Sport’s program The Pavilion. The host made the request, but it was for Akram to perform a rap song.

The cat exercising at the beginning of the nine-second film. It then moves to lie down on a mat and begins performing crunches expertly. It almost seems like the cat is attempting to bulk up and get stronger.

Beyond the cricket pitch, Sachin Tendulkar’s legend extends. He now ranks among the best cricketers of all time thanks to his on-field accomplishments. There hasn’t been a single hitter who has even come close to matching his record of most runs in ODIs (18426) and Tests (15921), despite the fact that he retired 10 years ago in 2013.