High Life Health The Cause Of Mental Illness Is Demonic Possession

The Cause Of Mental Illness Is Demonic Possession

According to the Disclose.tv, Richard Gallagher, a board-certified psychiatrist who works as a supplement professor in the Department of Clinical Psychiatry at the New York Medical College, says that mental illness originates from demonic possession.

Demonic Possession
Source: Orthodox Christian Network

Gallagher has personally encountered many patients, who he believes are controlled by demonic possessions. Gallagher once told an incident to a Catholic Priest about a patient’s abilities to see into people.

Could Demonic Possession The Cause For Mental Illness?

She could also tell things about a person and bring out their untold secrets. She performed various exorcisms on six people, all of whom reported that she began to speak languages which she had never learned before.

Mental Illness Is Demonic Possession

Possession is only one and not the most common type of demonic attack. Possession is very rare, though not as exceedingly so as many imagine. So-called “oppression,” or “infestation,” is less rare, though hardly frequent either, and sometimes more difficult to discern accurately.

Either Mental illness and Demonisation are unrelated phenomena, or else there is some kind of association between them. Even if they are unrelated, they may stilt be confused with each other because of superficial similarities. If they are related, we need to understand the nature of the connection between them.

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