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You Won’t Believe That These Famous Celebrities Made an Insurance of Their Particular Body Parts in Millions!

Celebrities live a life like a heaven on Earth. They are rich and can do anything! You will get surprised to know that some celebrities have made an insurance of their specific body parts that are famous among the fans. Of course! it’s their assets that make them celebrities. Some have goddess-like legs, other have unique lips and some have iconic butts. They insured their body parts so that they remain intact. Check them out!

1) Taylor Swift

Legs – $40 Million

2) Christiano Ronaldo

Legs – $144 Million

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3) Jennifer Lopez

Butt: $300 Million

JKennifer Lopez booty


4) Mariah Carrey

Legs: $1 Billion

5) Julia Roberts

Lips for Smile: $30 Million

6) David Beckham

Legs: $70 Million

7) America Ferrera

Lips for Smile: $10 Million

8) Michael Flatley

Legs: $40 Million

9) Daniel Craig

Whole Body: $9.5 Million

10) Kylie Minogue

Butt: $5 Million

11) Tina Turner

Legs: $3.2 Million

12) Jamie Lee Curtis

Legs: $2.8 Million

13) Rihanna

Legs: $1 Million

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