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Actresses Who Went From Ugly to Beautiful With Skin Lightening Procedure

When in Bollywood expect anything! In the 21st century, anyone can look beautiful if they know how to use makeup to enhance your beauty. But those who know, are transformed already. However, by the passage of the time, the differences in their faces are clearly shown. So here is a list of those celebrities who went from “ugly” to “beautiful”.

1) Bipasha Basu

You will notice a tremendous change in what she appears now then what she appeared before.

2) Kajol

3) Rani Mukerji

4) Shilpa Shetty

5) Deepika Padukone

7) Karisma Kapoor

8) Vidya Balan

These all actresses are beautiful in their own imperfections. But when you are a public figure you have to go through the criticism. Even the most beautiful and talented ones get criticized for looking not like usual!