Celebs Who Broke The Social Stigma Attached To Breastfeeding And Normalised It

Whenever people watch the pics of celebs on social media, breastfeeding their babies, they call it a shameful act. But they forget that it is the most natural process. And trolls the female celebs for this. Well isn’t this the time to come out of this orthodox thinking? Thanks to these women who made us step out of the 1950s and broke the concept attached to breastfeeding.

 Below are some celebs who posted their photos on social media breastfeeding their babies. And also open up about the struggles they faced. Check out these celebs below:

Take a look at the photos:

Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon is a model who also appeared in many Hindi films. The actress was seen posting a number of pictures on her social media account while breastfeeding her baby.

Evelyn Sharma

After Evelyn Sharma shared the picture of breastfeeding her newborn son on social media. She was brutally trolled. But still, she has guts, and lashing back to the trollers she said women have breasts for a reason.

Celina Jaitly

Back in 2012 when Celina got published in Stardust magazine, she was trolled for her breastfeeding pictures. But it seems that she doesn’t care at all. The actress said that women will always be trolled no matter what they do.

Shikha Singh

This picture of Shikha was posted during the time of covid. Where she also opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding. 

Padma Lakshmi

Breastfeeding while you work. Here’s what Padma Lakshmi believes in. She is a big inspiration for all working moms.

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia found a platform Freedom to feed. It is a platform where women can share their experiences related to breastfeeding. And just to promote this she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby.

Amrita Rao

This picture of Amrita was posted by her husband RJ Anmol. Who wanted to share the experience related to breastfeeding. And the struggles they come across.

Ekta Kaul

Ekta Kaul posted this picture, to promote lactating mothers. She was seen breastfeeding her son, and her motto behind this was to show that women can lactate whenever they want.

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