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High Life From Bobby Darling to Famous Nong Poy, Celebs Who Changed Their Sex...

From Bobby Darling to Famous Nong Poy, Celebs Who Changed Their Sex From a Male to Female

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Bollywood actress Bobby Darling filed a case against her husband Ramneek Sharma accusing him of domestic violence and unnatural sex. To let you know, Bobby is a transsexual and was born as a boy. She changed her sex in Bangkok via sex change operation so that she can marry her boyfriend Ramneek Sharma. She revealed that it was a very painful process. As same as Bobby here are other celebrities too who were born as males but later converted into women through sex change operation.

1) Gauri Arora

Born as Gaurav Arora, he was seen in the reality show Splitsvilla’s 8th season where he revealed that he is bisexual. He is now converted into a woman and named herself Gauri.

2) Nikkiey Chawla

Delhi based Nikki Chawla got frustrated from her genital genes and changed her sex. She changed her by going against her family in 2009. She is a top model now.

3) Anjali Lama

Transgender model Anjali Lama was born in Nepal as a male. From her childhood days, she was very confused about her sexuality. She decided to convert in a woman and went under sex change surgery.

4) Shinata Sangha

Shinata Sangha is a British-Indian model. She also changed her sex. She is a famous transgender model of South Asia.

5) Roberta Close

Popular Brazilian model Roberta Close also posed for Playboy magazine. She is the most attractive transgender woman of the world.

6) Chamila Asanka

Hailing from Sri Lanka, she is also a famous model who changed her sex. She participated in many beauty pageants all over the world.

7) Rimal Ali

Rimal is Pakistan’s transgender model. She worked in many films. She was also seen in the remake of song Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aya Hai.

8) Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

She also changed her sex. In the year 2004, she won beauty pageant Miss International Queen.

9) Laverne Cox

She is a reality TV star and actress. She is a transgender person who was born as a boy. She is also having a twin brother. She is the first transgender star whose statue is framed in Madame Tussauds museum in 2015.

10) Alicia Liu

She is a TV reporter and a model.

11) Nong Poy

The beautiful transgender model Nong Poy is from Thailand. She is quite famous on social media.

12) Kim Petras

She is a famous German pop singer and song writer.


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