Entertainment Bollywood Controversial Scenes of Superhit Bollywood Films That Never Got Telecast

Controversial Scenes of Superhit Bollywood Films That Never Got Telecast

Films are made to provide a source of entertainment to the audience. Every film showcases a different class, object or subject for example – comedy, sex, politics, action etc. But sometimes producer and director indulge some scenes in the films that are considered inappropriate for a country like we are living in i.e India.

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In order to cease such scenes in the film, a committee was made known as CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) or Censor Board. It is tasked with “regulating the public exhibition of films under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952”. Films can be publicly exhibited in India only after they are certified by the Board, including films shown on television. CBFC India is considered to be one of the most powerful film censor boards in the world due to its strict ways of functioning.

It removes the scenes which it finds are not suitable for the Indian audience. Today we will tell you about those superhit films that included some controversial scenes and they were removed by censor board before telecasting them. In the below video watch those scenes which were removed by the censor board:


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