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Who is “Chai Pi Lo Fraands” Aunty? How She Suddenly Became a Viral Meme Star Overnight?

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The Internet is one such platform that makes a random person a star overnight. From Priya Prakash to Dhinchak Pooja, it was the Internet who made people stars. The current sensation is neither a gorgeous lady nor she sings Dhinchak. She is a simple Indian woman who offers you her cup of “Chai”. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the viral Chai Pi Lo Fraands wali lady.

She is on every platform, from Facebook to Instagram, even on our family WhatsApp groups! What started with a stupid laughter reaction, now gave rise to her meticulous questions. She is like the internet’s new caring, yet self-obsessed mummy who will do a particular thing and ask you if you like it.

Who is she? What’s her name? Let us tell you….!

Her name is Somvati Mahawar is a passionate Vlogger who has set the internet on fire by her videos. Her bio doesn’t have much to say about her. Not only chai, she even offers watermelons, mangoes to eat. Somvati began her videos from Vigo Video, an app that lets you create and share short videos across social networking sites.

By far now she has recorded and shared more than 400 videos with her 9K friends. More surprisingly, she even has 28K followers on her popular account.

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