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High Life Changing The History Of Newsroom Debates : Arnab Goswami's 7 Most Memorable...

Changing The History Of Newsroom Debates : Arnab Goswami’s 7 Most Memorable Moments On Television

The nation was shocked on Monday afternoon after Times Now editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, called it quits.

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Goswami, who is probably India’s most famous TV anchor right now, announced his resignation during an editorial meeting, reportedly to begin his own news ventures. As Arnab resigns from Times Now, his colleagues, viewers and competitors will remember him as the man who changed the destiny of newsroom debates.

Arnab Goswami's 7 Most Memorable Moments On Television


Goswami’s loud, hectoring style of moderating television debates on Newshour, at times screaming over his panelists, changed Indian TV screens forever. Since then, the news anchor’s style has been imitated and parodied, earning him TRPs and criticism alike.

The news of his resignation from Times Now unleashed a social media storm. It is unlikely that Arnab will disappear from our television screens, but what better way to bid goodbye to him than listing 7 of his most memorable moments on television.

Here we bring you Arnab Goswami’s 7 most memorable moments on Television

1) When he said, “Never Ever, Ever Ever” :


2) When he asked a serious question about the Maharastra government ‘s priorities: “What should be the real concern? Snapchat or drought ?

3) That time when he was that kid who couldn’t stop laughing… And everyone really wanted to know the joke !

4) When there was a time he was actually calm. THE NATION IS SHOCKED.


5) When he laid down the Arnab rule of law even before the show began. “Let me tell you right at the start. Do not try to be aggressive with me. Do not try to patronize me. Don’t try to lecture me. And don’t try to question me.”

6) When he refused to let the matter rest, even if his guests felt ‘dented and painted’.

7) When he told us about his tastes of ‘khatta’ , ‘meetha’ and ‘kadwa’ ?

And as a bonus: if you were harbouring a secret desire to hear Arnab rap out his trademark Newshour phrases, a fan has heard your prayers. Are you ready to debate this ?

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