Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose

There are many jobs in the world where men are more dominant than women. Many women face this problem in the workplace. Now take Charlotte Rose, 27, who lives in Essex, UK. Charlotte used to work as a police officer till some time ago, but now she has left this job. She says that men often walk in the police field. They were not given the freedom to work according to their choice. This is the reason why Rose quit the police job.

Now the interesting thing is that every day, leaving the police job has become a Lingerie model. With this new job, she earns up to one and a half crore rupees a month. She is earning a lot of money by becoming an online model every day. She bought Lamborghini just a few days ago. They also share pictures of their luxurious life on social media.

By joining OnlyFans page online daily, it is making a lot of money. She joined this page in 2018. After this, she started sharing her photos here. Soon their fans started growing and their number reached above millions.

Rose joined the OnlyFans page while doing police work. When her fan following started growing well, she quit the police job.

Every once in a while, she wanted to become a vet doctor. However, due to her good height, she got a job in police. While doing this job, she felt that he was being pressurized into this field because of being a woman.

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