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Being 2 Feet Tall is a Curse in India, Life’s No Fairy Tale For This Family Whose 18 Out of 21 Members Are Dwarf

Just think how will you feel like if you will get surrounded by the little people? Feeling like lost in Lilliput? Today we will introduce to you a family of dwarf whose not 2 or 3 in fact 9 people out of 11 are the dwarf. Meet the family of Ram Raj Chauhan. A rare genetic condition has made nine of the 11 members of a family dwarfs.

Ram Raj Chauhan’s clan once consisted of 21 people – 18 of whom suffered from a genetic condition called Achondroplasia which causes short-limbed dwarfism. Ram Raj says,

“I had seven sisters and four brothers. Out of those, eight of us were short. At one point, we had 21 people in our family, of which 18 people were dwarfs.”

Due to their condition, they are facing lots of difficulties in life, Ram Raj further says:

“My father, Narsing Rao, and my grandfather also faced the same problem. My father died when I was 16, leaving us with a lot of responsibilities. My eldest brother died in 2000, leaving me to run the family.”

He further says,

“My mother was a courageous woman, and she raised all of us by doing odd jobs till we could take care of ourselves. She is over 90 now, but still alive. Unfortunately, my wife died in 1993, when she was pregnant with our third child.”

The family explains how they are laughed at on the street and are often taunted when they are in public together. This family runs a grocery shop. Ram Raj also works as a wedding greeter. He says,

“We can’t do jobs that other people can. Since our arms are also short, even something like sitting on a desk and leaning forward to write is tough. The taller people in the family do regular jobs, while we manage the shop and do other odd jobs.”

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