Radha Soami Satsang Center: Turns Into COVID-19 Ward

Due to the rising number of coronavirus patients, Radha Soami Satsang Cente is turned into a COVID-19 ward with a 10 thousand...
Infotainment Check Out: Most Brutal Rape Punishments Around The World

Check Out: Most Brutal Rape Punishments Around The World

Sexual Assault is viewed as most offensive wrongdoing in each general public, and extreme brutal measures should be taken against this terrible crime. Rape casualties are frequently looked down in the general public had to suffer mental torture without any fault. This awful effect of physical and mental strike regularly ruins the life of victims. Various nations across the globe thought of solid laws against rape to make a nation more secure for their citizens and to ensure nobody who enjoyed this dreadful crime could roam free. Here are the most brutal rape punishments of different countries across the globe –

rape punishments across the globe
Source – ALIVE


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