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High Life Check Out The Lip Smacking Roadside Dishes That You Cannot Afford To...

Check Out The Lip Smacking Roadside Dishes That You Cannot Afford To Miss

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The road side foods are the specialty of Indian cities and reflection of India’s culture and tradition. The stall vendors of street offers different kinds of tasty food such as chole bhature,Parathas, pitha, chaat papdi, samosa, momos and other delicious food items. Similarly, we are up with some mouth-watering dishes that will surely make you run for a bite –

Dahi Gol-gappa

This is a lot like ‘bharma gol-gappa’ but somewhat different and not available everywhere. As the name indicates, it has a tasty topping of spices mixed with curd which is pleasant to the tongue. The best is available at almost all the roadsides. lipsmacking

dahi gol-gappa
Source – Topyaps


This dish made out of puffed rice, bhujia and has a covering of a tangy tamarind juice. You will get the best taste if you try this dish in the monsoon season. That doesn’t mean that its not good elsewhere, they can also be enjoyed when you are out for the shopping as the bhelpuri stalls are vastly availaible.

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Papdi Chaat

This is served in a plate and made by using ‘papdi’ which is made out of flour and is a circular flat shaped crunchy ingredient and is served with other ingredients along with curd, coriander, and other similar food stuff. Different outlets have different sorts of recipes so you can opt for any of them.

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Bread-Butter Toast

This is prepared by stuffing the omelette inside two butter toasts. intensely cheap and this tasty dish is available again everywhere and especially in the mornings. Try to have them in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Source – Topyaps


Thi Chinese dish is vastly availaible almost everywhere. It has been modified to a great extent catering to the needs of the food lovers but you do get the original at many restaurants. But a plate of veg, non-veg, chicken, mutton and egg chowmein is available everywhere. Very cheap and quantitatively huge dish serves as a great substitute for lunch.

Source – Topyaps


These are traditional Tibetan dishes but have been united by Indian street food culture. You will get the best in the New Market area which come at very cheap rates. Steamed or with gravy, momos are among the favourite of the youth.  Extremely tasty, these are the new additions to the street foods of India.

Source – Topyaps


This is a deep fried snack which is made out of flour and mixed vegetables used for the stuffing. Served hot, it has no competitor. You can have it with sauce or with nothing at all. You can easily find this dish anywhere. But you can have from most shops and see which one fits your taste.

Source – Topyaps


Kathi rolls, egg rolls, chicken rolls, mutton rolls, egg-chicken rolls, egg-mutton rolls, double egg roll, paneer roll, vegetable roll, tikia roll – the list will never stop. Try the rolls at numerous number of outlets and go by the roll that suits you well.

Source - Topyaps
Source – Topyaps


This is mainly available in the mornings as many office going people eat it as breakfast. It’s actually a form of ‘puri sabzi’ but the sabzi can be replaced with ‘chola’ dal. A plate of Kachori will be easy on the pocket but extremely satisfying for the stomach as well as your taste-buds.

Source – Topyaps

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