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High Life Check Out The List Of Best Sweets To Cook On Dussehra This...

Check Out The List Of Best Sweets To Cook On Dussehra This Year All By Yourself

Best Sweets To Cook On Dussehra

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The trail of festivals is going to start soon, first Dussehra then Diwali one after one. The one festival which is coming soon is Dussehra. What is so special about Dussehra. The decoration, burning of Ravana, Food, Mela’s and Sweets !! Sweets which are cooked , made and brought is the one thing everyone love. There are a lot of  best sweets to cook on Dussehra from Gulab Jamun to Gujiya. Let us take a close look on all of the best sweets to cook on Dussehra.

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Sandesh is a very popular sweet of Bengal we are sure you must have heard of it.  And it is the best sweet to cook on Dussehra as well. Sandesh is a sweet which is made on all the festivals of India. It’s white creamy look makes it even better.

Rava Laddu

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Rava Laddu is basically a laddu with coconut and milk in it. It’s like heaven in your mouth. And who does not like Laddus !! It is yet other best sweet to cook on Dussehra. It is easy to cook also. But these laddus life term is  so you better consume it in 1 to 2 day after cooking.


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Gujiya is another best sweet to cook on  Dussehra. It is a sweet dish made with flour ( maida ) and stuffed with Khoya. You can add dry fruits also. The Gujiya shape maker is easily available from the market. With the shape maker, the process of making Gujiya gets a lot better.

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Semiya Kheer


Semiya kheer is other regular sweet which all north Indian cook at their homes. But during Dussehra it’s taste can be better. By adding more milk and dry fruits. Semiya Kheer is another best sweet which you can cook on Dussehra.

Badam Halwa

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Badam Halwa is yet another sweet dish which you cook this Dussehra. obviously it is cooked with Badam, Badam is the main ingredient. It is the best sweet you can cook on Dussehra without any doubt. As it is full of proteins and is healthy for you.

Gulab Jamun


Is any festival complete without Gulab Jamun ?. Not only on Festivals Gulab Jamun is present at every big thing from Birthdays to marriages. The sweet sugar syrup on them makes them even more special.

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