Trending Check Out The Pictures Of New 2000 Rupee Note Which Are Going...

Check Out The Pictures Of New 2000 Rupee Note Which Are Going Viral On Social Media

Twitter is going crazy with images of several bundles of pink-and-white notes posing as the new Rs 2,000 denomination that the Reserve Bank of India reportedly intends to release into circulation soon. According to an October report, RBI has already completed preparations for introducing this high-value note into the Indian market soon.

rupess 2000 note indian
Photos of Rs 2000 New Note

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Though we are not sure about all of this, are the photos real? No , we do not know surely! But Twitterati seems to be enthusiastically sharing the pictures on the micro-blogging site.

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So far, the highest denomination of note printed by RBI has been the Rs 10,000 note way back in 1938 and then in 1954. Currently, the highest denomination under circulation is Rs 1,000. Though, there has been a demand from certain quarters that both Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 denominations of banknotes be demonetised in order to prevent hoarding of black money.

But there is craze regarding this 2000 imaginary note! Check out some of the tweets :

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