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“Call me Shaikh and not Shubham any more” Check Out The Story Of 21-Year Old IAS Topper




As we all know, This year’s UPSC (Union Public Service Commision) results are out. And Here’s one of the candidates who successfully cleared the exam in their first attempt. But there is one more sheet added to his story. Ansar Ahamad Shaikh, 21, had to change his name from Shaikh to Shubham in order to get accommodation and food in the city of Pune where he was preparing for the big exam. He secured an All-India Rank 361. Isn’t this very amazing?

shekhFuture IAS officer, Ansar Ahamad Shaikh said that he can proudly say his real name now.As far as hi qualifiction is concerned, He is a political science graduate from Fergusson College, Pune. In an interview for Indian Express, he expressed that, “I remember when I went to look for a PG accommodation, my friends who were Hindus got rooms but I was refused. So the next time, I said that my name was Shubham, which was actually my friend’s name. Now I don’t have to hide my real name.”

3-2Adding something more to his words, Shaikh with teary eyes told that he hails from a drought-hit Marathwada region of Maharashtra, Shedgaon village in Jalna district and His father works as an autorickshaw driver. “My father has three wives, my mom is the second. In my family, education wasn’t so important. My younger brother dropped out of school and my two sisters were married off at an early age and didn’t study much. When I called home and told them that I cracked UPSC and in all likelihood will be an IAS officer, they were shell shocked.”

sheikh-2The only lines that are right away whispering through our lips is,  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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