Check Out This Restaurant in Indonesia That Serves Food Out Of Toilet...

Check Out This Restaurant in Indonesia That Serves Food Out Of Toilet Bowls

Did Yoy know? 38% of Indonesia’s population doesn’t have any access to a toilet. It’s a comparable case in India, where Prime Minister has been demanding giving toilets in each family unit, as far back he has been chosen as the Prime Minister of India. In any case, dissimilar to the advanced techniques of building toilets to address this issue, an Indonesian cafe has decided to take a somewhat a completely different technique.

toilet cafe

The Jamban cafe in Indonesia serves food in latrines while individuals can sit on latrine seats to eat up them. The individuals who discover this experience are in fact the ones that are very much humiliated with the toilet system in Indonesia.

toilet cafe

toilet cafe

Indonesians are however, rushing to see this new lavatorial pattern, that really goes for instructing individuals about the importance of sanitation and toilet cleanliness. However, there is some resistance to this cafe, as in Muslim overwhelmed Indonesia, the individuals feel that it is against Islamic law. Here’s a video of this outstanding Indonesian Cafe, which you should visit when you go to Indonesia!

Are you guys heading to Indonesia?

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