Chief Justice Questions On The Death Of Four Month Old Baby In Shaheen Bagh Protest


Chief Justice questioned on the death of four month old baby who died due to extreme winters during a protest in Shaheen Bagh. Chief Justice S.A Bobde who is heading the bench has asked the answer from the Centre and Delhi Government over the death. The Supreme Court is observing a strict action over this matter.

Did The Baby Also Go For Protest?

The Chief Justice raised the question if children can protest or not? The lawyer answered a yes to it. After this, Chief Justice angrily asked if the late four month old baby also went there for the protest? The Chief Justice made it clear how the rights of expression are not being denied but the answer to this serious and sensitive issue is awaited.

Strict Supreme Court

The prestigious court believes in the respect of motherhood but the matter of death is serious. Supreme Court became serious after Veerta Puruskaar winner Gunratna wrote a letter regarding this issue. The twelve year old’s letter was taken into consideration by the Court and hence, The Supreme Court is demanding for the answer within four weeks.

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