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News Killer Blue Whale Game: A Student Jumps From a Building in Assam,...

Killer Blue Whale Game: A Student Jumps From a Building in Assam, 36 Children in Chattisgarh Slit Their Wrists

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Killer online game Blue Whale has reached India now. A student studying in second years of his college jumped from the roof of a building under the influence of Blue Whale game in Silchar, Assam. He was then taken to the hospital. On the other hand in Chattisgarh, 36 children slightly slit their wrists as the marks were visible. On Thursday, in Balod, Chattisgarh police caught 6 students who were playing Blue Whale game.

At least 30 children in the Maoist-hit Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh have been found playing the Blue Whale challenge, police said on Friday, underlining the lethal online game’s increasing reach into even remote stretches of India. To let you know that the Blue Whale Game made in Russia has been banned, but still, some of its links are privately available to the public. In two months ten people of the country, India, who played it committed suicide. The game has killed more than 130 people worldwide.

Dark influence of Blue Whale game in India

According to Balod SP Deepak Jha, the police had information that some children studying in a private school are playing Blue Whale games. When the police arrived there all fled. Their parents were informed. Police have confiscated mobile for investigation. In explaining further, Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallava says that when we reached school on Thursday, 26 of the 30 children were absent. All are from 8th to 10th class including some female students.

There is a cross marked on some of the wrists of students whereas the other ones have a streak. Some of the wounds are not yet dry. And the reason behind it is probably the Blue Whale game. Here marks of cut on children’s wrists spotted when the school examined them on Wednesday. 30 children got cut marks and a surgical blade was also found from a student’s bag. After this, the principal wrote the letter to the senior officers. All children are being counselled.

On investigating 4 students in Dantewada they reveal, “We are financially weak, we are said that after doing so we will become rich. Second, says, My father is an alcoholic, I heard that after doing so he will overcome his addiction.” Every student has a different story behind making cuts on their wrists.

Student committed suicide in Himachal Pradesh

On the other hand, in the Himachal Pradesh Thursday, the first case of death came out due to the Blue Whale Game. A 10-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself. The child also left the suicide note. Written in it: “I am self-harm because of not able to solve a puzzle.” He used to read in the 5th class of Gurukul Public School in Badhu area. His body was found hanging from the ceiling of the house. After the investigation, the police said that this puzzle was rather a blue whale game. The child used to play this game on the mobile phone of a family member.

The mastermind of the game, Philipp Budiekin

What is a Blue Whale Game?

Teen Agers are getting trapped in a blue whale trap by playing the game. Since last few days, the Blue Whale app is being searched on social media, but in reality, it is neither game nor app. This is a trap by a group of criminals, who have so far killed more than 130 people worldwide. Due to immaturity children are easily getting hunted. The mastermind of this game is Philipp Budiekin of Moscow, Russia. He has been arrested and he is serving a 3-year sentence. The first death case due to this infamous game came to light in 2015. After the arrest, Philipp had said, “The purpose of the game is to clean the society.” According to Philip, all the people who committed suicide were “biological waste”.


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