News 27 Children Died In Afghanistan Due To Heavy Snowfall And Freezing Conditions

27 Children Died In Afghanistan Due To Heavy Snowfall And Freezing Conditions

27 Children (all under the age of five) were died in a remote district in northern Afghanistan due to heavy snowfall and freezing weather. More scary thing is that the death toll could rise further.

In the northern Jawzjan province, Darzaab roads were choked by 50 centimeters of snow, cutting off villages from the other parts of the country and the temperature dropped by -10 degrees Celsius.

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Children in Afghanistan

Rahtmatullah Hashar, district governor has issued a statement in the media:

“Unfortunately we have 27 children killed due to heavy snowfall and freezing weather,”

Governor’s spokesperson Reza Ghafoori confirmed these deaths and said that the government is already started delivering aid. Unfortunately, they lack equipment which hinders the rescue process.

Afghanistan's Children

Every year, heavy snowfall kills dozens of people in Afghanistan. In 2015, 300 people were died across the country due to avalanches, most of them were from the mountainous province of Panjshir, north of Kabul.

People are facing security problems, food scarcity (1 million children are suffering from malnourished) and other major issues as the country are in crisis from many years. In 2017, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has requested for 550 million U.S. dollars for Afghanistan to support the people out there.

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