Infotainment Planning To Rule The Sea ? China builds An Airfield on its...

Planning To Rule The Sea ? China builds An Airfield on its Artificial Island

China lost the ongoing legal case filed by The Republican of the Philippines. The case was regarding certain issues in south china sea  but seems like China is not ready to accept its loss. On Monday pictures were caught through a satellite of the airfield which China created on the artificial Island it created earlier. Here are some pictures showing the airfield and the artificial island.

China artificial island
China displaying its naval strength

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Source: Marketwatch

The Airfield created by China
The Airfield created by China

Source: USNI

Satellite photo of artificial island
Photo captured through satellite of China artificial island


The reason behind this is the  ” treasure ” in this sea, apparently, this sea has 213 Arab barrel oil, natural gas present in abundance and sea is the main route of export and import between various countries. China wants to its rule over the sea and through this China is displaying its naval and military strength.

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