China Rocket Crash:The latest news about China’s unbridled rocket is that its fragments have fallen into the Indian Ocean. At the same time a large part perished during entering the atmosphere. In this way scientists from all over the world have breathed a sigh of relief. Let me tell you, a large part of the Chinese rocket was circling around the earth uncontrolled. It was feared that this part of the Chinese rocket may fall to the earth on 9 May. Initially, it was not known when and where it would fall. Space agencies around the world, including NASA, were on watch. The core stage of the Long March 5b rocket weighed 21 tonnes. Last week China launched the first module to build its space station. Later this part of the rocket became uncontrolled and is now falling back into the earth. If this part of the rocket fell in a populated area, it could have caused great havoc. However, China says that this rocket will collapse as it enters the atmosphere.

What will happen when the rockets core stage enters the Earth’s atmosphere?

The rocket’s core stage is 100 feet in length and 16 feet in width. Earlier scientists had said that when it comes out of the orbit and enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it is likely to burn. Despite this, large parts of the core stage could have fallen to the ground in the form of debris. A large part of our planet is surrounded by the sea, so rocket parts are likely to fall there. Nevertheless they can pose a threat to the surrounding area.

Where the rocket’s core stage can fall

Holger Cragg, head of the European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program, said, “It is difficult to find the number of pieces of anything without knowing the design of the object. But 20 to 40 percent of the pieces of an object always survive.” The path of the rocket body circling around the Earth is slightly north of New York, Madrid and Beijing. Also south of southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand. This part of the rocket may fall in these areas. ” Significantly, since 1990, no more than 10 tons of objects are left in the orbit to enter the earth again.

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