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News China Celebrating 'Victory' Over Coronavirus, Selling Bats Again In Market

China Celebrating ‘Victory’ Over Coronavirus, Selling Bats Again In Market

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The world is battling the havoc of the Coronavirus, but in China, victory over this epidemic was celebrated by eating rabbit and duck meat. Not only this, but the sale of bats has also once again started in China. This is the same China from which the coronavirus has spread worldwide from the city of Wuhan. It is believed that the coronavirus entered the human body via bats from pangolins.

Roofs of the houses turn red with the blood of dogs, cats, rabbits, and ducks

According to the Daily Mail, a ‘victory’ on the Coronavirus was celebrated in China on Saturday. During this time the roofs of the houses became red with the blood of dogs, cats, rabbits, and ducks. Remnants of dead animals were seen everywhere. The extremely dirty meat market in China was reopened for this celebration. Three months ago, Coronavirus spread to humans from a similar meat market in Wuhan.

Photo Courtesy- Daily Mail UK

Today, 3 billion people in the world are suffering from this mistake of China. So far, 34,000 people have died and 7,23,434 people have been infected by this epidemic worldwide. Experts have warned that millions of people may be killed in the time to come from the coronavirus. Reports are telling that thousands of people reached the Meat Market in the Guilin area in southwest China and bought meat and live animals sold in the open there.

There was a huge crowd of people in the Guilin area on Saturday. The meat of dogs and cats were being sold there. People here believe that the Corona crisis is over. Now there is no need to panic. Now, this is only the problem of other countries in the world. Chinese people are no longer worried about Corona. China’s markets are operating in exactly the same way as it used to be in the past. However, security guards have been deployed there so that no one can take pictures. Until now this did not used to happen there.

Indonesia’s Tomohon Extreme Meat market, Courtesy- The sun UK

Animals of various species are kept in cages in the markets and they are being sold. The selling of bats is still going on in Chinese and some other Asian markets. In another market, bats, scorpions, and other animals are sold. This view was seen when China lifted the ongoing lockdown across the country. The government is encouraging people to go to the markets and live in everyday life so that the economy can gain momentum.

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