China-US Tension Intensifies, China Imposes Sanctions On Pelosi, And Summons Ambassadors

China is becoming aggressive due to the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. On Thursday, he began exercises for the siege of Taiwan. The news also came that Dragon had fired five missiles that fell in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). At the same time, China has now announced unspecified sanctions on Nancy Pelosi. Along with this, China has summoned the ambassadors of 7 countries involved in the European Union.

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday saying that US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has disregarded China’s concerns and protests over the visit to Taiwan, which Beijing claims. Earlier, Pelosi said China could not prevent US officials from traveling to Taiwan.

Pelosi said the purpose of his visit to Taiwan was not to change the status quo for the island but to maintain peace in the Taiwan Straits. Pelosi praised the hard-established democracy in Taiwan. At the same time, he criticized China for violating comprehensive agreements, the proliferation of arms, and human rights problems. Pelosi said in Taipei on Wednesday that America’s commitment to democracy, both on the self-governing island and anywhere in the world, was “unshakable”.

Experts call Taiwan ‘the first chain of islands, an important geographical area. In the last several years, China has made many efforts to increase its influence in that area. Dr. Zeno Leoni, a lecturer in the Department of Defense Studies at King’s College, London, said about the geographical location of Taiwan, that a kind of geographical barrier passes through the south of Japan, which goes to the South China Sea via Taiwan, the Philippine, which is a concept of the cold war.