China Made This Starfish-Shaped Airport When World Is Fighting Coronavirus


Qingdao, a Chinese coastal city is ready to boost tourism in the North East. With its newly opened star-shaped airport China has again grabbed attention.

China Star fish airport
China Star fish airport

China’s latest airport is something that is really worth watching. Qingdao, a Chinese coastal city is ready to boost tourism in the North East. With its newly launched starfish-shaped airport. It is being told that it is the city’s first 4F-class airport that has the capacity to accommodate the world’s largest commercial aircraft, including A380s and Boeing 787s. The airport is twice the size of London’s Heathrow airport. That spreads across 3,066 hectares. The airport took 5 years for the constriction with the expense costing $5.8 Billion.

Details about the airport

Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport is shaped like a starfish, offering five connected concourses. The interesting thing is that it is designed in such a way that it reduces the distance between the main check-in hall and the farthest gates in the 470,000-square-meter terminal to no more than 550 meters. Another interesting thing that makes it more unique is its ultra-thin stainless-steel roof that’s just 0.5 millimeters. And the roof covers a total area of 223,000 square meters. The airport also holds the capacity to absorb and store excess rainwater that can be later reused.  

Its two runways will be able to handle 35 million passengers, 500,000 metric tons of cargo, and almost 300,000 landings and takeoffs by 2025. But in the second phase, the other two runways will be added that will have the capacity of 60 million passengers, a million tons of cargo, and 452,000 annual landings and takeoffs. Let us tell you that a High-speed rail and subway lines across the city will connect to the new airport. And therefore it will be easy for everyone to get there.

Now lets have a look at the the Photos of this newly built airport

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