The new technique been started by the Chinese banks in order to get rid of the loan takers and it I’m damn sure baout the fact that every chinese girl will take care and will look after the same i.e. their stripped photographs from desperate female folks who need to get cash. Chinese daily i.e. Southern Metropolis Daily reported that private banks are requesting that the young ladies send naked photographs of themselves as a type of insurance, alongside duplicates of their ID cards. They caution that the photographs will be made open if installments are not set aside a few minutes.

Chinese Girls Use Naked Selfies As A Mortgage To The Banks

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One of the borrowers told the daily paper that she initially acquired 500 yuan ($76) from an online credit supplier with a week after week loan fee of 30%. She continued taking out new credits to pay off old ones, and her obligation snowballed to 55,000 yuan ($8,347) when the bank requested a bare photograph of her as a surety for new advances.

Chinese Girls Use Naked Selfies As A Mortgage To The Banks

Source: minute buzz

Well, the most populated country China has conducted such interesting rules and regulations will surely keep a sense of scariness in the minds of the loan-takers.

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