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China is now badly hit by the delta variant of the corona virus. The condition is continuously getting worse. Even many such videos have surfaced on social media in which Chinese officials are seen locking people in their homes. The outbreak of the delta variant is being reported the most in Nanjing, the capital of China’s Jingsu province.

China corona delta varient

In fact, ‘Taiwan News’ has published a detailed report on this, referring to these videos in one of its reports. In which it has been told that all the workers wearing corona kits are locking the doors of people by placing iron rods on them. To prevent anyone from going inside and no one can come out from inside, iron rods are being installed by hitting him with a hammer.

The report quoted a local citizen as saying that if anyone opens his door more than three times in a day, he will be locked inside by the authorities. Many such videos have come out in which many doors have been shown to be sealed.

Recordings are also being played from place to place announcing that people are not to go out or else their doors will be sealed as soon as they are caught. According to the report, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has confirmed 143 new corona cases in at least 17 provinces on 9 August.

According to reports, there is concern among the authorities due to the increasing cases of delta form in 13 out of 23 provinces of the country. Beijing has already started taking precautionary measures and has banned the arrival of people from provinces with corona cases. However, in Beijing too, there were many cases of corona last week. According to the NHC, at least 1,702 people are undergoing treatment in China and 54 of them are in critical condition.