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News Chinese Government Removed 4,500 Gaming Apps From App Store

Chinese Government Removed 4,500 Gaming Apps From App Store

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As per the reports ,Chinese government’s new Internet policy came up. In which 4,500 gaming apps were removed from App Store in just two days. Check the deets inside.

There are reports that in the last two days. Premium smartphone maker Apple has removed 4,500 games from the Chinese App Store. This decision has been taken by Apple under the pressure of the new Internet policy of the Chinese government. According to information gathered in just 2 days more than 3000 games have been removed from China’s App Store. This decision was taken by the Chinese government after India banned 59 Chinese apps in India.

According to the latest report. The new regulation would require game developers to take approval from Chinese regulators before uploading any game to the Apple App Store in China. It all started from July 1, when the new regulation of the Chinese government implemented.

The government of China already keeps an eye on these gaming apps. And for this reason, it gave permission to only 1500 apps last year. Let us tell you that it takes 6 to 12 months to obtain approval from the government to upload a gaming app in China to the App Store. Therefore in such a situation, these implementations by China on gaming app from July 1 increased the troubles of Internet companies more than ever. On the other hand, apps that have been removed from the App Store will take a long time to upload again to get approval from the government. Aa per to the data, the Chinese government removed 1,571 apps on 1 July 2020. On July 2, 1,805, on July 3, 1,276 apps were removed. According to an estimate, about 20 thousand apps will be affected by China’s new regulation.

China bans 4500 gaming apps
China bans 4500 gaming apps

China is a major market for the Apple App Store. Where the company generates about $ 16.4 billion in sales annually, compared to $ 15.4 billion in the US. Sixty-nine thousand games are hosted by Apple. According to market research firm Newzoo. IOS accounts have 53 percent of the total revenue from China, which is around $ 13 billion.

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