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High Life 33 Years Old Ronaldo Has a Body of 20 Years Old Boy,...

33 Years Old Ronaldo Has a Body of 20 Years Old Boy, He is a Player With The Lowest Fat And Fastest Speed

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A few years ago, the 33 years old superstar footballer Christiano Ronaldo claimed that he has a body of 23 years old boy. Recently he left Real Madrid and joined Italy’s Juventus. This club has released his medical report which suggests that at the age of 33, he has a body of 20 years old boy. Here are some interesting things revealed by the report, related to his health:

Fastest Speed, lowest fat

According to Juventus’ medical report, Ronaldo has only 7% fat in his body which is less than 3% in any professional player. The body contains 50% muscles mass which is more than 4% than other professional footballers. His speed is 33.98 km/hr as per recorded in the FIFA world cup 2018, more than other football players.

Facts about his fitness

1) Ronaldo was a skinny boy during his childhood. People made fun of him. When his coach commented on his body, he started working on it at the age 11. In his fitness routine, these things include Interval training, soccer twist, bar pull-up, elevated push-up, chin-up, air squat.

2) Ronaldo focusses on pilate workout and muscle training. He spends 3 minutes in cryotherapy chamber made especially in the gym. The nitrogen level in this varies from -160 to -200 degree.

3) For the recovery of damaged muscles during the game, he takes a hot and cold bath. He does fewer sit-ups while he is working out. He sleeps for 8 hours a day.

4) According to him, a man needs to be fit both physically and mentally so he spends quality time with his wife and children.

5) For match-post workout he does swimming.

6) He includes less consumption of meat in his diet to stay away from extra fat. For high-protein diet, he takes cereals, fruits and vegetables.

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