Trending Horrific Moment Circus Lion Attacked 4 Years Old Girl's And Bites Her...

Horrific Moment Circus Lion Attacked 4 Years Old Girl’s And Bites Her Face Badly

In a shocking horrific moment, a circus lioness broke free from its trainer and attacked a four-year-old child. According to The Sun, the wild lioness attacked the little girl, pulled her into the ring and bite her face in Russia. The name of the girl is Ksenia. She survived the brutal attack but according to the doctors, she will be scarred for life after sustaining serious face and chest injuries.

Ksenia had been waving a small flag when the circus lioness rushed from its trainer despite being on a leash and slashes the child. The other sources revealed that the wild animal broke a flimsy safety net around the circus ring at Uspenskoye village in Krasnodar region and attacked the little girl.

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Watch the horrifying video here:

Valentina Pavlova a member of a medical team which treated the girl at the Central Republican Hospital in Krasnodar said,

“There is a bite on her face that goes from ear to chin. An eyewitness said her mother had allowed the girl to get close to the safety net and to wave a banner. The lioness reacted to this and with its paw pulled the child inside into the arena and sank its teeth into her head. The circus team pulled the lioness away and brought the girl to the Central Republican Hospital. She is now in stable condition, there is no danger to her life.”

Whereas Edgard Zapashny, director of Big Moscow state circus, accused local circus and the mother of Ksenia, he said,

“I firmly believe that the blame lies completely with the owner and director of that travelling circus, the lioness’s trainer and on the adult who came with the child and let go of her while being in the front row.”

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