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High Life Civil War Affected Countries Pleading To The Whole World

Civil War Affected Countries Pleading To The Whole World

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Almost 7 countries are affected by the Civil War in the ongoing 2017. It is a war between organized groups within the same state or country. These wars result in a large number of casualties and the consumption of significant resources. Most modern civil wars involve intervention by outside powers.

Civil war in Syria
Source: Huffington Post

Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, these countries are trying to narrate their stories in a form of unrhythmic poem:

I am both Syria and Yemen, also partially filled with South Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan

With some blood drops of Libya and Congo

I need help from all the Earthlings but why the rich world is doing so less for me?

My Kids are dying, houses being bombed, women get raped

How can you forget Ukraine?

We all are one family, right? Then why you abandoned me, banned me too( The United States of America banned 7 Muslim majority countries)

Don’t judge me on my religion, look at the sufferings

What do you want from me?

Oil (from the Middle East), Heroine (from Afghanistan), Or Minerals (from Africa)

Some of my kids are crossing Mediterranean for help, but you are not accepting them

They are not Refugees, they are war survivors

Their family members died due to the weapons supplied by you in the name of the business (The United Kingdom and America supply weapons to Saudi Arabia).

How can we make a war on terror, if war itself is terrorism

At the end, Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all the Ills.

syria conflict
Source: IBTimes.UK

The last 60 years have suffered their share of crisis from Vietnam to Rwanda to the Iraq War. Syria’s war triggered a refugee crisis that contributed to Brexit. There is no peace and prosperity without more cooperative management of world affairs.

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