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Shocking Claims Second Coming Of Jesus On Easter Will Bring End Of The World

Christians have incomparably claimed that Jesus Christ is set to return this Easter and bring forth a devastation. According to the Daily Star, a person named Steve Fletcher, who runs blog A Trumpet for My People, says the world will be completely destroyed by April 18, the day after Easter Monday.

End of the World on Easter
Source: YouTube

In a viral YouTube video, he says, “2017 is the end of the great tribulation and will herald in the Second Coming of Christ. The upcoming window of Passover [Easter for Christians] is most likely the time of our deliverance.”

Second Coming

The Second Coming is basically a Christian concept regarding the future return of Jesus Christ to Earth after his first coming and ascension to heaven about two thousand years ago.

Jesus apocalypse
Source: Daily Star

Fletcher points out the theory that the human life was created 6,000 years ago as explained in Genesis 6:3 and the world will only last for 6,000 years, hence 2017 is the last year. He adds: “I truly believe in my heart of hearts that this is it, I believe it. Our time of redemption has come.”

Also, many YouTube videos have emerged slamming Fletcher as a “false prophet”. Numerous other predictions have been made of an apocalypse coming in 2017. Only God knows what will happen in future.

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