Class 10 Mumbai Students Gangrape Classmate, Circulate Video On WhatsApp

Four students from Northern Suburb of Malad have been arrested by the police for raping their Classmate, recording a video of the same and circulating it online through WhatsApp. The culrpits as well as the victim are all class 10 students.


According to India Today’s reports, one of the four boys called the Girl to his house which happened to be in the same residential colony to seek help for studies, while three other boys were waiting in the same flat and raped the girl also recording the incident.

The girl did not reveal the incident since she was threatened by the boys that they would leak the video. However, one of the four boys circulated the clip on whatsApp which somehow eached the girl’s aunt.


Only after the girl’s aunt confronted her, that she revealed about the horrific incident and was supported by her family to lodge to a complaint against the culprits. And so an FIR has been registered and the boys have been arrested and sent to juvenile homes as they are all minors.

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