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High Life Know How Class 10 Student Developed A Device To Predict Silent Heart...

Know How Class 10 Student Developed A Device To Predict Silent Heart Attacks

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Akash Manoj, student of class 10, has developed a device to predict ‘silent’ heart attacks. This condition is identified as one of the major health risk for thousand of Indians. It may come as a surprise, but Akash Manoj has been reading medical literature for fun and he has been doing so since 8th standard.

Akash Manjo class 10 student invented heart attack prediction device
Hindustan Times

In 8th standard, Akash started visiting the library at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru. His hometown is Hosur in Tamil Nadu, which is approximately an hour away from Bengaluru.

“Journal articles are expensive, so visiting the libraries was the only way I could do it. Otherwise, it would have cost more than a crore for the amount I read. I was always interested in medical science and I liked reading the journals…cardiology is my favourite,” said Akash Manoj.


Akash is a confident teenager and has attended various scientific conventions. His visiting card describes him as a researcher in cardiology. He also stated that board exams are quite easy for him and exam time does not bother him.

It was his grandfather’s death that prompted him to take up this project. The device invented by Akash is basically a skin patch and has to be attached to the wrist or the back of the ear. The patch will release a small ‘positive’ electrical impulse, which would draw the negatively charged protein to signal a heart attack. The protein FABP3 plays a major role in the scenario, if the quantity of this particular protein is high, the person must seek medical attention immediately.

class x student invents to predict silent heart attack

The device could be approved for human trials, though, clinical trials are ongoing. The product would be launched for public access after a few months of human trail, if nothing goes wrong in the trials.

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