India Class 12 Students Score More Than Full Marks In Bihar, Examinees Protested,...

Class 12 Students Score More Than Full Marks In Bihar, Examinees Protested, Police Allegedly Lathi Charged

As the result of Bihar Board was declared last week many students are claiming that there is something fishy in the checking of their answer sheets and they have got more than full marks in some of their subjects. One student claimed to get 68 marks out of 50 in English while another is saying that he got 38 out of 35 in Physics. Moreover, many students who have cleared IIT and JEE failed in Physics and Chemistry.

“I don’t know on what basis I have been given 2 marks in Chemistry. Even after scoring a total of 248 marks, it shows that I have failed. My college depends on this and the board is taking this matter so lightly. Instead of helping us, we are being lathi-charged by them,” said Rahul Rai, a student from Jagat Narayan School.

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“I am confident that my exams went great. I qualified JEE- Mains and all other entrance examinations and scored a great rank but the Board has failed me even after scoring 307 marks. And when we are questioning the board, they are making us stand in the scorching heat and beating us with lathis,” said another student, Johnson Kumar.

Students are demanding for re-checking of their answer sheets. Apart from this, hundreds of students protested outside the Board office in Patna on Thursday and they were allegedly lathi-charged by Police. As a response to these protests, Bihar Board said in Press Release that “the aggrieved students had the “opportunity” to request scrutiny of their answer sheets. However, aggrieved students are expected to do so by June 16, a deadline of just one week”.

Furthermore, the Police officials denied the allegations made by students of lathi-charge on them. Police said “There has been no lathi-charge on the students and they need to maintain law and order even if they want to raise their voice against something. We are dealing peacefully with them and they should wait quietly for an official to come and listen to their grievances,”.

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