Clever Tricks To Make The Food Stay Fresh For Longer Without Fridge


No matter how much we avoid, but still, we all keep on wasting so much food. And it’s not because we are careless, but the reason is that many of us don’t know how to store it. Well, we would say that keeping all kinds of food in the fridge is not the only solution to keep our food items fresh, therefore we have shared some other ideas through which you can make your food stay fresh for days. Especially if you don’t have a fridge to store things. So here are some ways. Read below to know.

Keep your cookies fresh by storing them with a slice of bread

Cookies are almost everyone’s favorite, and when it comes to storing them. We always store it in an airtight container. But even then there’s no guarantee of them staying fresh for longer. So the best way to make them stay fresh for longer is to keep the slice of bread inside the jar. It will not only help retain its freshness but will also keep them moist.

Ways to keep foods fresh for longer without fridge

Hang your bananas to slow down their ripening

Whenever we feel too hungry and want something energetic we always opt for the most popularly used fruit banana. However, on the other side, it is also considered a very sensitive fruit that goes brown very easily. And nothing can be as bad as brown bananas with bruises. So the smart way to preserve them is to hang them using a plastic bag, rather than to keep them in drawers or fridge. Like this, they don’t get too much oxygen, and they stay fresh.

Use your leftover herbs to make herb butter

If you have too many herbs still left with you. And you don’t know how to use them then here is the answer. Just mix the herbs together with the butter and create your own herb butter. You can also add some fresh cream to it. This will make them last longer

Rubbing butter at both ends of the cheese doesn’t dry it out

Whenever we keep the cheese in the fridge it always goes dry. And the crack ends are clearly visible. So the best way is to fix this problem is to rub little butter on the sides so that it may stay hydrated and doesn’t dry out.

Store ginger in the freezer

Ginger is something that is not used too often. So if you want to keep the ginger fresh refrigerate it. And you will be surprised to know how much it is going to last. This freeze ginger will last many months. Or you can simply grate them and store them.

Put your asparagus in a glass of water to make it stay fresh

Asparagus doesn’t stay fresh for many days in the fridge. So the best way to make them last longer is to keep them in a bottle or a glass filled half with water. Like this, they will not just stay fresh but will also grow. So next time when you bring these asparagus home. Make sure you try this trick.

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