Colors Of Panjaab ~ A Pictorial Display Of The Beauty Of Punjab...

Colors Of Panjaab ~ A Pictorial Display Of The Beauty Of Punjab By Harp Farmer

Green is the shade of vicinity and territory, Blue is the shade of peace and profundity, White is the shade of conceivable outcomes. Harp Farmer a.k.a Harpreet Singh is from Village ‘Nadalon’ district of Hoshiarpur. He is a software engineer too and has conducted an exhibition showing the actual Beauty of Punjab at PAU Ludhiana, Amritsar and Chandigarh. He further elaborates about the presentation by portraying the cultural and rural beauty of Punjab to the world.

The series of photographs of two parrots, nicely captured in their different moods; Bullocks; Kid in his traditional attire; Common plants, birds, insects and Musical instruments like ‘toombi’ with their distinct Punjabiness. These photographs takes a Punjabi person to a trip, down memory lane of their lived experience, they might have left behind. For a non-Punjabi, they open a new window to the world beyond fixed visual depiction of Punjab.

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The message and the presentation can be properly explained by the pictorial presentation by the person well known for his beard, The Harp Farmer ~

Colors Of Panjaab ~

Colors Of Panjaab ~

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