Sushant Case Transferred To CBI, Center Accepts Bihar Government’s Recommendation

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the Bihar government on Tuesday sent a recommendation for a CBI inquiry to the Center. Now...
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See which is the lucky Color to wear on each day of week and turn lucky

Various researches and studies have proved that colors not only depict our emotions but also have a huge impact on them. According to Hindu Mythology, colors are associated with various planets and their lords and have prime feelings and emotions associated with them.

“I am feeling blue”, “Red in the Air”, “She turned pink with embarrassment”…

You might have heard  these phrases or used them in your daily life, But have you ever noticed, how beautifully these depict our emotions and convey our feelings.

Here is a list of Colors which you can choose to wear on weekdays.


Monday is associated with moon and Lord Shiva rules on Monday. Wearing white clothes on Monday freshens us and make us yield good results.



Tuesday is associated with Mars, which is a planet of Destruction. Wear Something in the shade of Red or Orange to impress the lord and be fierce and impactful.



Wednesday is associated to Mercury. Wearing Green on Wednesdays may bring utmost Happiness,Fertility, Renewal, Wealth to you.



Wearing yellow or off white clothes on Thursday makes it easier for us to think clearly and sharpens our memory and concentration. It is a color associated with planet Jupiter and is recommended on Thursdays



Very light blue or white are recommended on Fridays.



Saturday is associated with Saturn. Blue and Shades of blue are recommended as it enhances our creativity and intelligence. It soothes us, provides coolness and prevent the chaos in our minds.



Sunday is associated with Sun. To obtain favorable results from Sun, wear something in pink. It makes you romantic, sensual and sensitive. It calms us and relieves feelings of anger, aggression and neglect.


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