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Comedian Trevor Noah Made Fun of India And Pakistan War, Called Out For ‘Racist’ And Insensitive Jokes




Here we the neighbouring countries which were one before 1947 are fighting with each other and there the world is making fun of us. Recently, a renowned South African comedian Trevor Noah made fun of India and Pakistan tension and called that India-Pakistan war a most entertaining war ever. Watch below:

He also made fun of Bollywood by saying Indian soldiers would run onto the battlefield and shoot while singing and dancing. His comments in the video didn’t go well with the netizens and he received a backlash for it. Here are some of the comments:

After receiving a backlash, Trevor too took the internet and apologized for his comments. But rather feeling sorry he was seen justifying his comments, read them out below:

Unfortunately, his apology fell flat too. People weren’t impressed with this explanation as he was promoting a war which leads to destruction and starvation.