News The Upcoming War Between China And Australia Will Be Influenced By United...

The Upcoming War Between China And Australia Will Be Influenced By United States

As of 2017, the United States has the world’s largest economy and China the second largest. On the other hand, China caught in the middle as tensions boil between the US and North Korea. Interestingly, the United States has surrounded China with 400 military bases. Believe it or not, but due to the “uni-polar world” domination, United States is pushing compliant allies like Australia into potentially devastating conflicts.

war between china and australia
Source: Human Capital Magazine

Donald Trump and President of China, Xi Jinping were having a dinner in Florida when the US launched his missile attack on Syria. The attack was also meant to say directly to President Xi, this is how the US deal with those who challenge the supreme power.

Australia in the Twenty-first Century has no enemies. In an interview with, John Pilger, an Australian journalist, said: “I say critical because a strange and dangerous atmosphere currently separates the world’s greatest military power, the United States, and a country that will almost certainly become the world’s greatest economic power, China.”

war on china by United States
Source: Green Left

He further added: “In the past few years, the provocations, threats, contradictions and confusion have caused the kind of mistrust that make war by misunderstanding or by mistake or accident a real possibility. And both the US and China are nuclear-armed.”

“Accordingly, China has been rapidly increasing the size of its military; and specialist literature in the US says that China has upgraded its nuclear weapons posture from low alert to high alert.”

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