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High Life Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

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Food is surely healthy and delicious for all but sometimes it can be really irritating if someone stops us from consuming our food by telling rubbish illogical lies. Such lies and rumours are known as myths and can be really very annoying sometimes. Here we present you the list of common and most heard Indian food myths busted so that no one can stop you from having your delicious dishes next time:

1. Desi Ghee is harmful to health

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

Indians love ghee products, especially the items deep fried in pure desi ghee. Along with a good taste, desi ghee has also been the subject of many myths like ‘desi ghee is harmful to health’. Many people think that because of ghee’s high cholesterol content but they are actually very wrong as the cholesterol which ghee contains is good cholesterol, which is good for everyone’s health and this fact has also been proved scientifically.

2. Apples and Bananas are rich in Iron because they turn brown

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

One of the greatest myths about apples and bananas that ‘they are very rich in Iron’. Actually, this sentences is right but with some few changes and after those changes, this sentence will be read as They are very rich in FIBRE‘, not iron.

3. Eggs are bad for Stamina

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

Due to the high levels of cholesterol in eggs, many people believe that they are bad for stamina but actually, just like ghee, eggs also contain good cholesterol which is not at all harmful for stamina.

4. Avoiding sugar will save you from diabetes

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

Have you ever got scolded by your wives or mothers for eating too much sugar? If yes then feel free to refuse them next time because it is not the sugar which causes diabetes it is the inability of the body to moderate carbohydrates level properly.

5. Honey is better than sugar And Is Good For Desserts

Common And Most Heard Indian Food Myths Busted!

You might have heard many times that you can replace sugar with honey as honey is sweeter than sugar but actually, what you have heard is completely wrong. Honey is a natural sweetener whose sweetness can’t be controlled for using in various dishes whereas it is exact opposite with sugar which as an artificial product and its sweetness level can be controlled as per the dish needs.

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