High Life Food Common Foods Myths We Believe In That Are Not All True

Common Foods Myths We Believe In That Are Not All True

As much as we all love Food and even the thought of food makes our face light up, we all fear gaining even a few extra pounds or any added ailments that follow eating or over-eating. In order to save ourselves from the curse of diseases that follows eating too much such as obesity or high cholestrol, we go for certain diets that celebrities apparently take to look perfect as they do. However, everything that shines is not Gold. Take these common Food Myths we believe in that are not all true as an example. You will be left shocked..

You Must Add Meat to your Diet to get Protein


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Many fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in proteins so you don’t necessarily have to eat meat to get protein.

Artificial Sweeteners Are Best Substitute to Sugar


Nothing substitutes nature. Taking artificial sweeteners may help you control or lose weight but it can add to other diseases such as diabetes.

Fresh Vegetables are More Nutritious than frozen Vegetables


Frozen vegetables are generally frozen while they were most nutritious keeping their nutrient quotient intact as compared to fresh vegetables kept for long.

Saturated Fats Increase Cholestrol


Not all saturated fats add to your cholestrol level, rather polyunsaturated fats like corn oil or sunflower oil curb harmful LDL cholestrol.

Fried Foods are always Fatty


Mostly fried foods are considered as the biggest enemy of those who want to shed off weight or those with heart troubles but fried foods are quite wrongly accused.  As it all depends on the kind of oil used and the stuff being fried.

Fats are Bad for Health


while actually some fats are very important for health such as monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats alongwith omega-3 fatty acids which protect us from health diseases and cancer.

Added Sugar Does You Harm


Nope! We need sugar to  function as it provides instant energy for our body to function and helps our mind to stay active. Moderately, had sugar won’t do you so bad.

Eggs are not so Great for Health


Eggs are actually great for health as they contain several essential nutrients like Betaine and Choline which keep our heart healthy.

Carbs Make You Fat


Carbohyrates are not as bad as you might think, despite all the diets asking you to cut them down cabs actually enhance your metabolism. Cutting them down increases stres hormones and decreases thyroid function.

Organic Foods have Better Nutrition Value

Fresh organic farmers market fruit and vegetable on display

A team of scientists at Stanford found out after an extensive study that organic food does not have much extra health benefit as compared to the conventional food.

Calories we Take in at Night are more Likely to make you Fat than those taken during the Day


Weight gain generally depends upon the total amount of calories taken in and not the time they’re taken at.

Hope we won’t fall into believing advertisements and slimming diets promising to thin you down within a few days time. Eat right and live to your fullest!

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