High Life Common Words Which You Were Using Wrong All The Time

Common Words Which You Were Using Wrong All The Time

Though we have read English a lot but there are some common mistakes which we commit but don’t get to know. So be better at English communication just go through the common wrong words and their correct form given below.

Its ‘Dress Sense’ not ‘Dressing Sense’.

Its ‘Broadcast’ not ‘Broadcasted’.

Its ‘A Lot’ not ‘Alot’.

Its ‘One of my friends’ not ‘One of my friend’.

Its only ‘Emphasize’ not ‘Emphasize On’.

Its ‘All Right’ not ‘Alright’.

Its ‘Data are’ not ‘Data is’.

Its ‘Years Ago’ not ‘Years Back’.

Its ‘Take an exam’ not ‘Give an exam’.

Its ‘No Way’ not ‘ No Ways’.

Its ‘Lose’ not ‘Loose’.

Its only ‘Discussing’ not ‘Discussing About’.

Its ‘Many/A Lot’ not ‘Lot Many/A Lot Many’.

Its ‘Anyway’ not ‘Anyways’.

Its ‘Reply’ not ‘ Revert Back/Reply Back’.

Its ‘Dispose of/Dispose of it’ not ‘Dispose off’.

Its ‘A Year’ not ‘An Year’.

Its only ‘Called’ not ‘Called As’.

Its ‘Cope With’ not ‘Cope Up’.

Its ‘You need not/You do not need to’ not ‘You need not to’.

Its ‘Many Times/Many a time’ not ‘Many a times’.

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